It’s a story of two halves

So day 1 is over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. The house was still there when dawn broke. No one had stolen the trucks and she seemed to have slept well. She loves her new home.

Initial comments from the proud and eager new parents included:

“We’re hoping for it to be at lock up stage by Chrissy 2014” (Ever the realist: CB)

“So is the roof still coming, or is that it?” (Slightly overwhelmed by the whole experience:WB)


Let’s call this side ‘A’

The more practical aspects of the move, when it was still back in Melbourne, involved cutting the house in two, by actually making two incisions – one either side of the hallway. Pictured above are the floorboards of the hallway strapped up for the trip.

It’s easy to see why they were kept…nice wide babies.

Oh and this was a moment of truth alright – the truck pulled away leaving the big girl standing all by herself!


Look Mum, no hands!

The piers have been popped in today – with holes dug to a depth of 800mm,  (apologies if this detail bores you to tears but apparently people get a kick out of knowing this sort of stuff) They had a little bit of cement poured in (about “that much”) and then the steel piers were put in place – all very precise.

And about 140 of them.


On average, about 10 piers per worker

And then the most magical part was when the two parts came together as one.


So that’s the end of phase 1 and the ‘movers of houses’ have done their bit and are able to go back home to Victoria.

Next up the carpenters arrive and start putting things back in their rightful place. In the meantime, CB thought he might give them a helping hand with a bit of easy, non-back-breaking demolition work.


Stick with it! 



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