The grand plan…

The part that gets a bit confusing for observers (i.e. me) is that the floor plan of the house that has arrived will not remain as the floor plan for much longer. A bedroom will be turned into a living room, the kitchen will become more open plan (bring on the sledge hammers) and there will be a general shift around of storage and other bits and pieces.

The bathroom will also be extended and have a makeover and then things should start to look more like Northcote (I’ve adopted the new name, without consent!)

Not that the bathroom necessarily needs modernising…CB can’t believe the quality of the enamel and the versatility of a shath (shower-bath) Once it is removed, he has visions of this  becoming a garden feature.

Good luck with that one big boy.


“…hmm, I’m thinking out the back, and close to the shed.”

Here’s a look at the current floor plan:

Existing floor plan-2

North is out to the right

And moving forward, the concept is thus:

– Bed 1 remains as the master bedroom

– The bathroom is made wider to take up some of Bed 1 and 3.

– The bathroom is then be divided in half to incorporate a walk in robe.

– Bed 2 will eventually become a living room, that opens up out onto the verandah.

– Kitchen will be extended out to match up with the existing northern wall of the lounge room.

– Kitchen and lounge will become open plan

– A deck will be built overlooking the river

And this will become known as ‘Phase 1’ of the renovations. Phase 2 has had a keen architect’s eye helping out with some pretty cool additions and they should be implemented  by the time their first born is off to university. Stay tuned.



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