We apologise for the delay in transmission…

…but the festive season/ cricket/ hot weather/ oversupply of ham etc etc may have temporarily gotten in the way of a) building and b) writing about it.

But never fear, it’s a brand new year and there is lots to see. It’s been a busy start to 2014 on the block. With lots of visitors popping by to see the progress, traffic along the road has slowed – mainly because everyone is calling in.

In a nutshell:

  • Bill the Builder started working on the house. This will make things interesting if there is a difference of opinion between house owners and the builder (seeing as they’re related and stuff.) I hope they don’t ask me to pick sides – could be awkward.
  • The flamin’ slats (or sl#ts as CB calls them) are coming down at a rate of knots. In what began as a joke about how fun and easy it would be to take down the little suckers, they appear to be multiplying. Whose bright idea were 12 foot ceilings anyway?
  • Bare walls are being earmarked for more windows, and holes have been cut accordingly. The idea of ‘let there be light’ has never been more true. Some beautiful cedar double-hung sash windows (builder talk) were sourced on Ebay and they are about to find their way into the laundry and the kitchen. I’m beginning to think that windows are a lot like shoes…one can never have too many.
  • The bathroom is coming together – well it will be. At the moment we like to call it a ‘blank canvas’. It’s going to be extended out 800mm from the existing wall so the big hole will soon be sporting a flash new window (there we go again) that may or may not be looking out directly to the neighbours. Could be interesting.

As you can see, it’s basically structural stuff, so the trips to Ikea and subscriptions to tonnes of decorating magazines don’t seem to be paying dividends yet. However we are assured that the fun stuff is about to begin. In the meantime, Pinterest is getting a fair bit of air time.

Here are some of the highlights from the past few days…


Highlight #1: A window looking out to the river from the dining area.


Highlight #2: The high lights.


Highlight #3: Ta da! A space for French doors created in the spare bedroom – looking out to the north.


Highlight #4: One of the Ebay windows goes into the laundry.


Highlight #5: AQ, the 3 year old who is very happy with the progress, with the comment to WB “It’s a good house isn’t it? Good on Cwissy”

So it’s onwards and upwards with the slats, not too many more windows to come and a balmy 39 degrees tomorry.

Wish I was at the cricket…



2 thoughts on “We apologise for the delay in transmission…

  1. Cherie
    we were talking to Tom Quade today and he put us on to your site. It sounds like it will be a wonderful home when it is all finished. All the best.
    Lorraine Pratt Epping Vic

    • Hi Lorraine, how lovely that you are following the blog. Just disregard the rubbish that is in amongst the facts… I have a tendency to rave on a bit – not like a Quade at all!! Love to all of your crew down there. Cherie

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