Balustrade…it’s French for ‘fence’

Cracking progress was made late last week at the sausage sizzle that is Northcote. Men for miles but all working hard, so that’s the main thing.

The verandah balustrade went up on Friday and while it will prevent any little people from falling over the edge, it also adds a certain kind of charm to the whole look, don’t you think?


The view from River Road

It was a gloomy old afternoon, which resulted in about 18mm of rain falling over the weekend, so the NCG (Northcote Cricket Ground) is shaping up nicely.


The view from the north-east corner (don’t quote me on that – I’m not great with directions)


Balustrade – up close and personal.

The Melbourne crew have packed up, and are off to put another Golden Age Home together, with Albury being their next stop. We managed a cross over of sorts, with the local tradies receiving the ‘hand over’ from the city boys. They speak mostly the same language, apart from the Victorian accent that turned the directive ‘over here’ into a version of ‘over hey-ar’.


Anyway it’s time to jazz things up round here so we’re running a competition. It’s called ‘Guess The Tool’ – and it might be a person place or thing. This week it is definitely a ‘thing’ and all you have to do is write your guess in the comments section. Of course, we’re not expecting to be overwhelmed, judging by the response to our last call out for comments back here. Not one.

Not to worry, we’ll push on and will give the answer in the next post. Which you will all be eagerly awaiting I am sure!

As for a prize, let me think, how about for the first correct response CB and WB cook you dinner at the new house when it is fully functioning? (I’ll check to see if it’s ok with them but I’m sure they’ll be happy to take part.)

So drum roll please for our first round of ‘GUESS THE TOOL’


Go on, have a guess.



18 thoughts on “Balustrade…it’s French for ‘fence’

    • WE HAVE OURSELVES A WINNER! CONGRATS ANDY – Let us know when you can make it for dinner and I’ll get Wendy to defrost a leg of lamb! Well done – must be your renovation experience paying off.

      • That’s great news….ide also just quickly like to acknowledge Dad for unknowingly steering me in the right direction … ! We’ll let you know when we are passing by next .. Looking forward to it!!

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