Welcome Master Sidney Quade Baker

Right, where were we?

Oh yes, that’s right the baby…he has arrived! And yes, he was early. About 5 weeks early.

Little Sid’s mum started getting itchy feet (as well as hands, arms, shoulders and every other part of her body covered in skin) and it turns out that her ‘situation’ was known as Obstetric Cholestasis (amazing what you can find on google.) She got herself to the Orange Base Hospital in double quick time – with her reliable driver/ husband at the wheel. He was en route to work in Condobolin at the time he received the SOS call. And may or may not have been driving with haste, overtaking several (read 20 or so) cars, only to receive a rather urgent phone call from the mother to be, and promptly turn around and pass them all coming in the opposite direction. Gotta love Telstra kicking in 2 k’s from Condo.

Anyway Sidney arrived safely, albeit early, and after a couple of weeks in hospital getting his feeding sorted (and giving his mother a good old fashioned rest) he arrived home – not to Northcote, but to the ‘town house’.


He’s doing extremely well. So well in fact that he’s had time to feature in an online magazine. He’ll be needing his own agent before long. You can check him out in Tiny Tribe Magazine. It’s free.


Subtle that.

As for the house, which you are all dying to find out where it’s at (well several people have asked lately) it’s coming along. Things have been put a bit on hold with old ‘Buggalugs’ arrival but they are due to get into full swing again soon. That’s if Sid’s mother and father can spare some time to make some bricks and mortar decisions, when they’re not ogling at the small fry.

More to come…I promise.




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