What HAVE you guys been up to?!

Yes, yes. It’s been a long time between drinks. But there are some great excuses that I have been concocting (perhaps my time may have better spent on actually writing a blog post, rather than dreaming up excuses as to why there hasn’t been one for about 100 years.)

I am going to blame it on the builders. Yep, that sounds fair enough. They have been off galavanting about the place and have only just recently returned to the mighty River Road. So that means it’s all action stations and there will be some serious updates rolling out of this computer.

Since we last met, young Sidney Baker has come along in leaps and bounds. He is able to differentiate between odd and even numbers, eat whole foods – we’re talking kale and chia seeds, and all in all his progress could be termed ‘phenomenal’. In terms of cuteness stakes, he is off the charts.


But back at the ranch is where the action is really starting to take off and in wise Wendy’s words “It’s really starting to look like a house!” (which of course is the general idea)

Here’s what has been going down since we last chatted:

– Local bobcat expert Kevvy Asimus levelled out the dirt pad around the house – so it looks more like it’s on a sloping mound rather than the top of Mt Kosciusko. Lots of people stop me in the street and ask how high above the ground the actual house is…well it happened once… and I wasn’t really stopped, more like text messaged… anyways the house has to meet council regulations (“Yes” Mr Council Inspector, “No” Mr Council Inspector) and it needs to be so many millimetres above a 1 in 300 year flood.


Kevvy 2

– Prior to that, CB built a retaining wall around the legs of the house, so the dirt stays out. And if flood water ever gets that high (heaven forbid) it can be pumped out. All very neat and tidy (and I can’t wait till Sid gets under the house and makes a massive bike track in there)


– The dirt has come from all manner of places including road works around Forbes, a mate’s dam that needed enlarging and anywhere that looked like it needed levelling.

– Wiring has taken place – which meant serious decisions about where power points and light switches are going. Enter Mark Webb Electrical.


And here is the builder – ahem – liaising with the customer about cornices and rosettes. Sid looks positively blown away by all of the excitement.


CB and WB are keen to keep much of the look of the original house – from what they saw of it in Melbourne – and what wasn’t covered in mattresses, two minute noodle packets and drug taking paraphernalia. In its former life, this house was a breeding ground for the more desperate and destitute university students of greater Melbourne. Let’s hope that they too are reinventing themselves, just like their old digs.

Oh and in some sad news, poor Wally died. The biggest most loveable labrador has gone to the big kennel in the sky. RIP Wally.

But we never like to end on a downer, so in keeping with the positive theme, everything is on track for Sidney Baker’s 1st birthday party to be held in the new house. And you’re all invited.



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