My, what big ceilings you have…

Size does matter, and in the case of the new River Road dwelling, this comes in the way of 3.6m – that’s 12ft in the old scale – ceilings.

They are magnificent and while they have proven to be a little tricky for the trades – particularly those with a fear of heights – the result is certainly worth it.


Gotta love a few guns

Bill made a whiz bang winning Ebay purchase (really, there are no failures on Ebay – well none that we speak of) and got himself a gyprock lifter. This thing is gold – the equivalent of the lemon zester in the 2nd drawer – and made light work of hoisting the sheets of gyprock all the way up into the air.

Gyprock lifter

12 ft ceilings…pfftt…a piece of cake

So there have been a few tricks put in place to bring those babies a bit closer to earth – try and make things look a little more cosy but still showing off those tall walls. The first one is a fancy cornice – which goes around the edge and is the meeting place for the walls and the ceiling. It’s going to be a bit ornate and wider than average.

The other feature will be wide skirting boards. And they are beautiful. Who would have thought you could get so excited about a piece of timber that runs around the bottom of a room? But yes, they are certainly adding to the charm.

Pre - cornice

Pre – cornice

In terms of choosing the fittings, it’s been quite a cinch…WB took loads of photos of the house in its original state – before it departed Melbourne – so the construction brief has been “match the original fittings”. And that goes for the rosette, which you can see here in its Melbourne surroundings.

The original rosette...quite ornate, don't you think?!

The original rosette…quite ornate, don’t you think?! Not so sure about the light feature…

This makes decision making a snap, and means the house hasn’t gone from Federation to Kardashian.

Next up is the bathroom…oohh you should see it!! I’ve got two words for you: Herring.Bone



Talk soon



2 thoughts on “My, what big ceilings you have…

  1. Hi Cherie,
    Absolutely loving your blog, it has made for very entertaining harvest reading as I sit in my office, or chaserbinoffice! I’ve managed to catch up on all your posts and am wishing there were more, because what can I do to entertain myself for the next week (apart from working!) I’m feeling like its fat Friday, because Bill is picking us up a hamburger for dinner, maybe Spoil yourself Saturday? Nah doesn’t work! Although I think the cook is happy to be getting the night off! Anyway the header lights are flashing so back to it. Looking forward to catching up soon, Flisso xx

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