You, my friend, have a face for radio…

Yes, I think I might indeed have found my favourite medium of media.

I have loved local ABC radio since the beginning of time. Some of my fondest memories are of driving around the paddocks with Grandfather in the Suzuki with the radio on full blast (mainly because he had farmer’s deafness.) Oh those were the days.

I don’t really recall many particular radio segments, however I did know when it was time to stay quiet – namely the top of every hour when the infamous theme music to the news came on, as well as approximately 10 minutes to 1pm for the all important market report. I had no idea what all of the numbers & figures meant, but I did know that Grandfather’s and Dad’s reaction meant whether or not things were hunky dory in the world of fat lambs.

So I guess when I had a chance to have a crack at a few interviews on radio – with the Trundle Tree Change experience as well as Trundle Bush Tucker Day, I felt right at home speaking to an audience that I already felt a part of.

It was during this time that I met Angela Owens who hosts the Morning program out of the Orange station. Here’s a pic of her…don’t you always have a picture in your mind of a radio presenter and then it turns out in real life that they look completely different?


Angela Owens. You know, we could be friends.

Angela has a genuine interest in the Central West and she came out to Trundle during the filming of Country Town Rescue and did an Outside Broadcast on the Trundle Hotel verandah. She was very easy to speak with – the sign of a true professional in the radio game – and we have kept in touch since.

So it turns out there was an opening for a segment and Angela thought I might fit the brief. The brief, mind you, was for someone who spends many an hour on the internet reading blogs and forming half baked opinions about what makes good reading. That was me to a tee.

So every few weeks I am going to be giving my thoughts on blogs, what I love about the world of blogging and also a run down of my top three. This time I picked some rippers, namely:

Local is Lovely – a taste of the Orange district, produce and recipes.

Local is lovely

A recent camping trip from Local is Lovely

The Shady Baker – written by a lady of the land in western NSW, who also takes the most amazing pics.

dusty road

This dusty road pic taken by The Shady Baker is a familiar site for many of us…

The Positivity Blog – for when I could do with a reminder of how to be happy.

You can hear the first instalment of my radio segment here.

My initial thoughts after my first foray into the world of radio were:

1. How do I re-jig my voice so that it isn’t so nasally?

2. What should I wear next time?

3. Does any one actually listen to the radio at 9.35am on a Wednesday morning (apart from my Mum, Dad and Uncle Tom?)

Talk soon


PS The Baker family are in the process of moving in…which is precisely why I am at home, under the air con, writing this bit of nonsense.


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