A bit more radio action

I might as well keep updating this blog with the little radio stints that I do in Orange. I head over to the ABC studio once a month and have a lovely chat with Angela Owens about the best blogs I have found. They tend to have a pretty strong food theme, but I must admit that I am broadening my taste (sorry) as I search for a variety of stimulating blogs.

This session dates back to February. You can listen to it down the bottom – I would rather die than listen back on myself.

How do I find out about new and fabulous blogs?

Friends are a great source – I always seem to be having conversations with girlfriends about something they saw recently on a blog. Once upon a time it might have been about a magazine I had purchased, but now it’s online stimulus!

The other place is from bloggers themselves; they often provide links to new blogs that they are fond of – a personal recommendation that usually leads you to more like minded people with similar interests.

How do I keep up to date with blogs?

I don’t subscribe to any blogs to come through to my email – it is not used for that.

I use ‘Feedly’ which is an online filing cabinet for blogs! They come in automatically and I have categorized them according to their content. It is a fantastic organizational and time saving tool.

3 of my favourite blogs for February:

Food: Stonesoup

Jules Clancy who is based in Cooma NSW created this informative blog. She is a nutritionist and apart from providing amazing recipes each week, she also offers an online cooking school and meal planning course – so you learn to cook healthy and simple meals virtually!

The meals take 15 mins or less, all of the ingredients (5 or less) can be sourced locally and they are so nutritious. It’s a winner.

5 Ingredients or Less

Sweet Potato Hummus + Lamb Cutlets

Life: The Slow Poke

A stunning lifestyle blog, curated by a lady based in Sydney, who has an eye for life in the slow lane. It encompasses all things that go into making a more simple and authentic life.

One of my fave posts is about the benefits of walking around barefoot – feeling the dirt and grass under your feet. Read it here


 Regional: Red Agape

Amanda lives has a guest house in Milthorpe and her blog is inspired by all things crafty. And while I’m not that crafty myself, I can live vicariously through her blog. She has created a community on social media that uses craft as therapy and it has created a real buzz amongst people who have turned to craft as a way of coping with stress, illness or hardship.

A clever crafty 'Olives and Pickles' created this masterpiece as part of #craftastherapy

A clever crafty ‘Olives and Pickles’ created this masterpiece as part of #craftastherapy

So see if any of these blogs tickle your fancy. And if you have come across a blogger that needs some light shone upon them, then let me know in the comments section and I’ll check them out.

February Bits and Blogs: Listen HERE


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