Now where was I?

Goodness me. There goes another 6 months, and another 6 months of not posting a damn thing on this blog. I just lied down for a nana nap – which is an actual thing for me – and couldn’t nod off due to the pure excitement of putting pen to paper (aka fingertips to keyboard).

I know this blog started off as a recount of my sister’s house being built, but that started to feel a little bit showy and a little dull. Who actually cares about wall colours and the width of floorboards? I think I thought I cared, but it turns out I was just looking for an excuse to start a blog.

And now I realise that it’s not so much the content that matters, but just the sheer enjoyment of having a chance to write. So I am going to give this blog another crack. And this time because I hope to be more authentic – and write about things that shake my world – I’m hoping there’ll be a bit more regularity and something even readable (ooh, wouldn’t that be a thrill!)

I’m on our annual January summer holiday and this one is affecting me like no other. For one, I am here with not just one loved one but two. So that’s three all together. (If you’re like me, maths might not be your strongpoint so I like to help out when I can) Baby Lenny is the snooziest by far – although it’s a toss up for 2nd.

Secondly, we have had our holiday interrupted by rain…like truckloads of the stuff…and it’s taken me a while to come to terms with it. You see, when you live in Central Western NSW, relentless rain for days is just not really a thing. I don’t think I have ever – in my whole 40 years – experienced this much precipitation for consecutive days. And it’s thrown me a bit to be truthful.

On the first day it was a novelty (gee, the farmers will be happy) the 2nd day was a bit tedious (code for bloody frustrating) but now on day 3 I finally feel at one with the rain. It’s forced me out of my January holiday comfort zone. We haven’t touched the togs for days, the beach umbrella has been traded up for a proper brolly and the book reading is so strong that I have even picked up ‘Eat Pray Love’ again (and this time I actually like it!) I know…confronting stuff.

So instead of the beach holiday that I had become accustomed to – which entailed hours on the sand, a fair dose of retail therapy, and a good deal of sun loving – I have been forced to take a good hard look at myself. It’s kind of like solitary confinement I guess. Except there is tea, bread and a whopping 40 inch television.

And it is now that I am pondering my next move. Where do I want this blog to go? And where, more importantly, do I want myself to go? Because I want this blog to reflect where I am at. And let’s face it, no one wants to read about nana naps.

See you soon!




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