8 Ways to survive a damp holiday

It’s been therapeutic. I feel proud of myself to know that it has been awfully wet out there, yet I don’t feel ripped off or like this is the worst holiday ever. It might even go down as one of the best.

It wouldn’t have been too long ago, that if this same fate had befallen me – ie non stop rain for 3 and a bit days – I may have gone a little crazy (and taken everyone down with me) But now that I am older and wiser, I am taking it for what it is. And that’s nature. I can’t change it, so I might as well learn to love it.

So what have I done to get through the days:

  1. Use my husband’s ‘Personal hotspot’ (that sounds a lot sexier that I anticipated) to tap into his wifi data. While the rest of the world seems to be taking on a New Year’s resolution of a social media hiatus, I have upped the anti. What a treat!
  2. Cook. Every meal has been a labour of love. Usually I might insist of eating out every meal while on hols, but not this time. It’s breakfast for kings and a few of these frozen banana and peanut butter bad boys in between.
  3. Read and read and read. And while I thought I would be flying through the books, I am taking it easy and reading slowly – just one page at a time suits me fine. I used this list as my inspiration, and so far have ticked off…one of them.
  4. Cuddle and snuggle the boys.
  5. Not wash my hair. I’m leaving it to its own devices and letting it sort itself out. I hate showering and seeing as it’s bucketing down outside, I am having my own little private protest and not adding any more water to the system. And the result? It’s a fair old grease ball. But we’re not going anywhere so who really cares?!
  6. Watch a truckload of daytime television. Who knew that you could start watching Bold and the Beautiful again – after not seeing it for over 12 months – and still pick up exactly where you left off? Amazing that show. Amazing in so many ways.
  7. Give the ping pong table a serious workout. I wanted this one to read ‘Give my husband a good old fashioned whipping in ping pong’ but sadly that’s still a work in progress. I am seriously considering getting a coach. Actually I might you tube some tips. I am a bad loser so I am also working on my ability to handle defeat.
  8. Get in touch with old friends & family. I have had a chance to think about lots of different folk, with all of my free time, and have even sent out the odd text. I am hopeless at keeping in touch with people so this down time has given me a chance to rekindle a few old friendships. I might not check back in with them until the next rainy day but at least it’s a start.

(I’m looking out the window now and the sun is doing its darnedest to poke through. So this means I might, just might, have to readjust my holiday strategy. That’ll at least buy me some time for more data)


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