Bits and Blogs #1

I do a lovely little segment each month on ABC local radio called Bits and Blogs. Actually it was exactly this time last year that I started. Mum and I were in Melbourne watching the tennis – my idea of the perfect week in January – and I did my first stint with Angela Owens.

It’s funny how excited I was…actually still am. I treat it like a real job and there is something very satisfying about planning and making a real go of it. I decided a while ago that most of my best work is either unpaid or done as a favour or in return for a service. I don’t work well under pressure, and I found that money puts me under the most pressure. The few times that I have worked on an hourly rate seem to send me into a spin (have I worked hard enough? Did that really take me two hours? Should I have worked more quickly? Am I really worth X amount? ) I guess it’s a combo of not being confident in my ability, and also feeling bad for taking someone else’s money.

Enter ABC radio – where absolutely no money changes hands.

It’s a love job and it means I can combine my love of reading blogs, listening to podcasts, checking out social media…and talking.

So here we go for 2016. I now work with Kia Handley and she and I just happen to be on exactly the same page (I’m sure that’s a generalisation but in the world of radio and magic then I am happy to stick with it!) We are going to make it our quest to uncover local bloggers & social media fiends and interview them. How fun!

Presenting our first of the season:

Best Blog: Smaggle How to Win at Life by Carly Jacobs

I resisted this blog at first – I thought I’d seen a million like it. Someone telling me where to shop, how to dress, what to eat, how to own my life. But I am a total convert. Carly speaks my language and I have slowly but surely become a devotee.

The posts that got me over the line:

7 Habits of Charming People (and while I find the word ‘charming’ a bit smarmy, I get the sentiment.) It’s about how to be kind and show love. And we all need a bit of that.

How to have an insanely productive morning I admit that mornings are pretty great in our house…my most favourite part of the day & about as productive as the day is going to get. What I loved most about this post is Carly’s admission of not liking showers. ME NEITHER.

A podcast that has me pumping: The Inspired Table by Jordanna Levin

This is from a blogger who loves food and how food leads to a more wholesome life. What I love about the podcast – there are only three episodes to catch up on – is that it combines the idea of healthy eating and how that effects all aspects of your life. What I crave (pardon the pun) in a podcast is people spilling their guts & being completely honest & so far so good. I love a juicy back story.

Jordanna’s podcast is the interview technique – which is my favourite kind of podcast – and allows a real cross section of ideas and personalities to be explored. Guest #1 Melissa Ambrosini speaks candidly about choosing fear over love. Yes its a bit woo woo but it is January & I’m all for it.

Inspo from Instagram: The Trundle Berry by Jaime Berry

Yes, she is from Trundle. Yes, she is my friend. Yes, she is creative. Yes, she is a vet in a former life.

JB takes pics of Central Western NSW – amongst other pretty impressive places (did someone say Russia?!) and they are just so damn pretty and interesting…and make me feel a little bit nostalgic.

I asked JB a few questions about her Instagram photography and you can hear our interview, along with the whole radio segment HERE

Oh and did I tell you that Jamie takes great photos?

Cherie Wend Helen at Vanfest

With ma two sisters…



4 thoughts on “Bits and Blogs #1

  1. Oh my goodness I just got a ping back to this post – thank you so much! What lovely feedback! Where abouts in the bush do you live? Oh thanks for the podcast rec – I positively devour podcasts so I always need more!

  2. Can you reply to these emails?! Oh well, I’ll try!

    Cherie, I love your latest blog posts! It is so good to hear from you. I think you are such a wonderful person.

    I hope you’re enjoying those special newborn cuddles.

    Hopefully chat soon,

    From Sal Cheetham


    • You sure can Sal! How are you? The newborn (now 6 month old) cuddles are the best and Lenny is a gorgeous little fella. I am very very lucky. We must catch up when I am in Orange next. I mean it this time!

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