Another January, another self help book

It’s like a drug. I am into my self help literature in a big way, and this year is no different. I am dosing myself up to the eyeballs in new ideas, courses, strategies, vlogs, blogs, books, podcasts and anything else I can get my mitts on to make my life (and ultimately those around me) a little better.

I tend to overload myself like this quite regularly – not just January – and annoy the living heck out of my sister and mum by sending them link after link of something ‘life changing’ (my overused words) every time I stumble across something that I think will be revolutionary.

I see myself as Santa’s little self helper. I have no qualifications, I learn from trial and error and I don’t mind sharing my new found knowledge with anyone who’ll listen.

And it looks like you’re listening.

So allow me to indulge in my top 3 self help concepts for January 2016.

Zen Habits: I am undertaking a 6 week Sea Change course on Daily Mindfulness practice. I can’t remember how much it costs (the perils of Paypal) but it’s been going since the start of Jan and so far I am sticking with it. Leo Babauta is a dreamy mentor and it has been the simple tricks that have kept me motivated. The time it takes is just a couple of minutes and there is a little daily challenge, as well as videos explaining the content. I just want my head to stop racing with thoughts and my heart to be calm. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

A Simple Year: I gave this 12 month course a crack last year but sadly fell off the wagon. A couple of friends I know (ahem) have let me have a peak at this year’s content and I feel like I could do it again, but this time with feeling. It’s a course designed to make life more simple and starts with the practical aspects of decluttering, what busyness is and how to combat it, through to simple cooking and travel (I will be tuning in in March for that one.) It’s still open for registration and like all learning it takes some dedication and time but is well worth it in my opinion.

Happiness Jar: I stole this idea from Elizabeth Gilbert and everyday before I hop into bed I write on a little piece of paper the one thing from the day that made me the happiest. I don’t have a jar, as such, but I am stuffing each piece of paper into my bedside drawer. And I might never read them again but it is such a nice way to get ready for sleep and to finish off the day. And there hasn’t been a day yet when I haven’t been able to think of something. Whipping both my husband and brother in ping pong may have featured for a few days running.

Of course regular massages, self care days, herbal teas, journalling and all of those other wonderful pursuits are on the list but I am trying to be practical here.

So to Self Help – here’s cheers!



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