My non negotiables

I am a stickler for a daily rhythm & regular habits. It’s definitely my personality type (the official title of which I am still figuring out but I recently took Gretchen Rubin’s habits quiz and I am thinking the label ‘Upholder’ might suit me to a tee.)

This title comes down to my tendency to meet both external (those of others) and internal (my own) expectations.

I take on new habits easily and with gusto. If I read or hear about something that is going to be of benefit then there’s a fair chance that I’ll be hooked…possibly by the following morning. I might stick with the new habit for the long term (lemon water first thing in the morning) or they might come and go (coconut oil pulling.)

My days tend to run more beautifully if I can manage a few simple habits. Yes, there are many days when I don’t get to some of them, but I am getting better in making substitutions where possible.

And if my rhythm misses a beat, then that’s not the end of the world.

Going for a walk: Sage advice from the community nurses when Lenny was born. I don’t do it to get the heart racing, but I do stretch the pins and I see some lovely people on my travels.

Cooking breakfast: I thrive on food that is hot – whatever time of the year, whatever time of the day. Eggs, sausages, porridge, leftovers…you name it I can (h)eat it.

Having a bit of quiet time: Quiet time has become a bit of a catch cry in this house if things are a bit off the richter. “I’m just having a bit of quiet time” while steaming out the back door is code for “I am about to have a nervous breakdown.” So I am trying to head this feeling off at the pass by succumbing to quiet time of my own accord. This might be called meditating in some circles, but I prefer to calling it sitting down with my legs crossed and listening to my breathing.

Light entertainment: I will generally squeeze in something to thrill the senses each day. At the moment it is a combination of the following:

Nashville Y’all do yourselves a favour & watch this.

The Slow Home Podcast This is how Gretchin and I came to ‘meet.’

All the Light We Cannot See Our bookclub read.

Jetsetmama Checking in with this lady is good for the soul & the laugh lines.


What are your daily non negotiables? I’d love you to tell me in the comments section (because there’s a fair chance I’ll go and give them a crack)



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