A bloody beautiful bathroom

Yes, the bathroom is coming along beautifully, and as promised here are a few sneaky shots of the work in progress. Bathrooms end up being quite fiddly rooms – with lots of stages to work through.

The bathroom – which in the case of ‘Northcote’ is an ensuite as it is closest to the main bedroom – begins with the wiring, plumbing and of course the layout  – windows, doors, drainage holes, taps etc – and then the real fun begins. It’s a combination of lots of trades doing their thing, and not tripping over each other.

Funny how they all seem to congregate on Fat Friday.

I digress…

Water proofing comes first – it’s the blue paint that gets slapped on anywhere that tiles are going to be placed. It adds an extra layer of protection for the wet bits.


Baby blue…

Then the tiling begins – floor first – with the lovely job of grouting. And did you know that there is a colour chart of grout colours? WB wanted a seamless look on the floor – big charcoal tiles that are grouted with a matching colour so as to create the idea of a whole space in the same colour. Some people like to use grout as a feature – and it works beautifully with the subway tile look – but in this case, it was about maximising space and letting the tiles do the talking.

The wall tiles are WB’s ‘pizza resistance’ and are in a herringbone pattern. They had to be laid out on the floor first – just so our friend the builder could get his head around it. Then the pattern was transferred to the walls…a cinch! (not!)


A practice run…

It turns out there is more than one way to lay a herringbone pattern, so after a false start, the wall took shape. The first pattern would have definitely been fine if you used the bathroom with your head cocked to one side.

The Baker Family chose to do the one wall of the shower in herringbone and keep the rest as a painted wall.


Ooh, so very neat.

The shower screen is a long glass panel that goes 3/4 of the way along the shower, with the end of the shower left open.


Boys, let’s lose the bucket.

Glen Egan from here in Forbes built the vanity, and what a splendid job he did. WB took him in a pic…and it looks exactly how she imagined it. The tiler even commented “It looks just like it came out of a magazine” Now there’s a compliment!

There’s still one door to come, plus handles, but you get the general idea.


Gotta love a bit of timber.

So while the first shower may be a little way off, things will come together rather quickly (“Eeek” I hear from WB) The electrician finishes off, the plumbers hook up the snazzy loo..


The snazzy toilet. Which is so tempting to use. But it’s not hooked up. Which could be awkward.

…and these guys will be having hot showers before you can say ‘Holy Herringbone.’

Talk soon