Bay watch

The big whoppa of a bay window was placed in its rightful spot today. Thankfully the builders from Golden Age Homes – who dismantled it back in Melbourne – are the same guys putting it back together. They pretty much lined up the original nail holes to make sure it went back in the exact spot. All done without an ounce of butt crack showing – so disappointing…


Prepare the way…

The crane was brought in (I did hear the men say it was a bit of overkill.) However we’re all about creating maximum drama for the passers by so it was definitely appropriate. I counted about 8 cars drive by in under an hour so that’s not a bad effort for mid week.


The young builder to the right is actually running.

The bay window had to be propped up on its frame – which is made from Oregon timber that is probably close to 100 years old. And that’s how old the house is being guessed at. Built sometime early in the 1900’s and now it gets another shot at life!


The bay window is here (ladders are an optional extra.)

I am falling for this grand lady…she is getting better and better every day.

And we are going to start a poll on the exterior paint colour – feel free to comment on what you think it should be once all the weatherboards are in place. The baby blue is not long for this world.