Guys, we need a plan

It’s all well and good to say ‘we’ll just work out the furniture when we move in’ but in the case of most houses, there needs to be a bit of a plan. Where does the TV go – without becoming the centre of attention? We do have one sibling whose family doesn’t actually own a television – there are only three of us, so I’ll let you do the maths – so let’s just say that a TV is never going to be a dominant feature.

But still, everything needs a plug or a powerpoint so you do need to give these things some thought.

These decisions – where the fire will go, the power points, the light switches, the lounges, seats, rugs etc – need to be done pretty early on. Well before the house looks anything like completed. WB called on her social media expertise (we knew those hours of googling would eventually pay off) and gathered as much inspiration as she could before launching into the plan. And a shopping list.

But like many new home owners find, the pennies to spend on pretties just don’t seem to be as forthcoming as when the whole project began. So Uncle Mike’s green lounge might still make the move out to Northcote. Although I am pretty sure CB will chain himself to the couch rather than seeing it at a new location. That lounge has served its purpose.

The practical aspect of pulling these ideas together meant going out to Northcote and laying a few plans in place. This was in the form of a paper tablecloth roll – cut up into the sizes of a lounge, a rug, a coffee table – as well as a beer, a bin and a baby and lots of imagination.


I think the island bench will be ‘this wide’

One of my fave ideas from the interweb experts was to bring in a couple of arm chairs for the bay window in the open plan living room, rather than building an actual seat – which could reduce the feeling of space and make the window seem a bit ‘boxy.’


Nothing a tape measure can’t solve…



Oh these chairs are SO comfortable.

Move in date is looking a lot like the end of Jan. Yikes! That’s only two weeks away. We can time it for the Australia Day public holiday, if that suits the majority. We will have a sign up form, where you can put your name down for a shift that suits you best, in an upcoming post.

And how could we resist another pic of this little fella. Siddy Boy is growing up. He’s on solids, sleeping through (in a fashion) blows bubbles with his dribble and is starting to form words, that sound a lot like animal noises. His parents are so proud.

Siddy Boy

Despite his parents being on the move, Siddy Boy still finds time to moonlight as a model.

Our friends at Woolerina are launching their new range for 2015 so called on a few friends to show off their wares.

Siddy and the kids

…and doesn’t mind sharing the limelight with his cute little friends.

Too cute.




They’ve gone pink!

I know, I can’t believe it either. The powers that be have chosen a soft pink colour for the external walls…it’s kind of fairy floss pink. Called ‘Dulux Pink Linen’, it’s a pretty colour, just not what the fans were expecting.

WB takes a lot of her inspiration from Pinterest, and you can see the sort of vision they had below.

Pinterest pink house

It’s when Barbie meets a marshmallow.


Here are a couple of snaps of the efforts so far.


Sooo pretty!


It’s not that bad up close.

And while we’re on the subject of pink, it’s not too long too wait now until the little Baker baby makes an entrance into the world of Northcote – actually let’s not kid ourselves, the house won’t be finished in time for the baby.

However we might have a little punt on wether we think it’s (the baby, not the house) going to be of the pink or the blue variety. And while we’re at it, how about we start to come up with some rip-snorting names for W and C to ponder while they come to terms with the impending birth?

So in the comments section, just write ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ and then your preferred name. It doesn’t necessarily have to rhyme with Baker, but would be kind of cool. Remember this could be really helpful for this baby… it’s future is in your hands.


PS Happy April Fools Day.