The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire…

…if you sing the title, it sounds a lot funnier.

Anyway, the brand new roof is going on – and who could have picked a better week than this to pop a bit of silver zincalume (spell check that one) on the top of a house?!

Here’s Willy Weather’s interpretation of this week in Forbes. And the ‘roofers’ – that’s what we call them in the industry – aren’t even whinging.

Willy Weather

Willy – is this some kind of joke?

It’s bloody hot.

The roofers are a team of 5, from down south – Kilmore actually – and they have popped all of the fiddly bits and pieces on for the tin to be attached. These guys must have the best ankle muscles, spending most of their day walking along the equivalent of a tightrope and clinging on for dear life. It’s such a shame that strong ankles don’t get more recognition.


Ankles of steel

I was allowed roof access and (un)gracefully negotiated the scaffold, and I can tell you that the view from the top was stunning…


Liam – head roofer, Bill – consultant & Chris – logistics.

Well maybe not so much in that direction.

Looking west towards the river was a site – made much better by the fact that the sun was setting and the temperature had dropped by…well…at least a degree.


And it became clear, after talking to the lads, that they are more than happy to be working in such heat, especially when the conditions at the end of the day are so…rewarding.


It’s definitely coming along, and the owners are so pleased that it’s starting to look like a real house. What a bonus!


So once the roof is on, the gutter is fitted (don’t worry, that won’t require a dedicated blog post) it will be time to change some doors & windows, extend the kitchen & ensuite, and basically get all the outside walls ready to finish the weatherboards.

Would it be premature to start picking carpet colours?!