Finally, some fun stuff!

No offence intended to the building industry, but the concept of beams, slats, noggins, and bracing have not exactly excited the female fraternity since this building project took off.

However, when someone mentions kitchen fit out, then we’re all ears.

WB is the project creative director, and loves nothing better than a session on Pinterest – which she regularly refers to as ‘research’. And it certainly beats de-slatting.

Here’s a quick run down on Pinterest – in case you have been living in Botfield for the past few years. It is a fantastic way of sourcing images from the internet and keeping them in the one spot. It’s like a mood board on your computer. (“Moodboard” I hear you mutter, what in the bloody hell is a mood board?! Well it’s just a fancy pin board, existing of things that inspire you – as opposed to a physical pin board that has old receipts, phone numbers from a plumber that you used in 1998 and a gift voucher to the beauticians that more than likely expired when she retired.)

So instead of ripping out pages from magazines, Pinterest allows you to simply copy (or pin) a picture of something you love and put it all on the one page on the internet. And you can have folders so it’s nicely organised, which is handy when it’s being used for house renovations. One folder might be ‘Kitchen’ another might be ‘Lighting’ and another might be ‘Things I Love But Will Never be Able to Afford Unless I Marry James Packer’. You can then just take the iPad into the tile shop, kitchen cabinet maker or showroom and show them the pics of what you love and off they go and find the exact match.

Anyway here’s a little look at the types of kitchens that WB is most fond of – and the finish product will be a combo of the best bits.

In no particular order of preference (that’s rubbish actually, if she doesn’t get the whopping big oven then she’s not moving in…)

May we present Wendy’s Wish:


Images via Pinterest

Left: Delightful pendant lights -hanging down from the 12ft ceilings should look amazing.

Right: White subway tiles for a splash back that is bright and delightfully simple.


Images via Pinterest

Left: More beautiful pendant lights in a bright and white kitchen, with a sink in the island bench. To be discussed.

Right: A touch of timber.

So for now, the big decisions that need to be made are thus:

Where the island bench will be placed in relation to distance from the kitchen bench.

Whether or not the island bench should contain the sink.

The colour of the bench tops

So let’s open this discussion up. Yes, it’s question time (and WB is genuinely interested in ideas)

1. Tell us, what are your best tips for a kitchen design and layout? The things you would do all over again, given the chance.

2. If you had your time over, what would you change about your kitchen? (And installing 3 dishwashers might not be that practical…)

And please do your best to not include the words ‘beams’, ‘slats’, ‘noggins’, and ‘bracing’ or we might go a bit crazzzyyyy.